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InitCore is a team of professionals with over 12 years of experience in the online world.
Our company offers targeted web marketing strategies, ranging from DEM and Display campaigns for enhancing search engine rankings (SEO).
We are experienced in planning and implementing web marketing campaigns. We know every tool to increase the reputation and visibility of your brand.

Email Marketing

Do you want to promote your business or product in the most direct, convenient, and effective way that exists?
Then Direct Email Marketing is the one for you!
Reach your customers with targeted and customised advertising communications, with the ability to classify your database according to interests, gender, age, and other parameters.

Web Marketing

Want to maintain your brand image but do not know where to start from?
No problem: we shall take care of everything!
Through a detailed analysis of your business, we can develop a successful web marketing strategy while optimising the performance and increasing online visibility.

Software development

Do you need a software for your business?
Given our experience, we can offer you solutions of every kind according to your needs: management software, web applications, stand-alone or client/server.
We follow demand of our customer starting from the initial analysis to the final product development.

Discover the power of email marketing

Email is the ideal web marketing tool to capture new customers and strengthen loyalty to those already acquired. InitCore is able to offer its customers a complete service, from the definition of objectives to the results analysis.
We deal with every single aspect of email marketing, from e-mail design to mail planning, database creation (collecting, profiling, and archiving contacts) to managing and maintaining messages and feedback sent.
We have a proprietary database consisting of millions of highly profiled users, guaranteeing DEM campaigns for sure success.

The benefits of direct email marketing

High conversion rates

Clicking in email marketing produces higher conversion rates than display campaigns and banners, as it assumes a strong interest in the message received.

Clear results analysis

In marketing email, measuring campaign-generated results is of utmost precision. This brings numerous advantages in terms of yield and return on investment.

Immediate communication

The advertising communication is received directly and immediately by the recipient: at least one person out of two checks their inbox several times a day.

Database segmentation

Email marketing allows you to select a specific target to send the message, depending on age, sex, geographical distribution, and personal interests.

Things we can offer you

Highly profiled database

We have a database of over 3 million active users. A consolidated database over the years, with an extremely high degree of profiling.

Lead generation strategies

We create professional strategies to generate lists of customers who are specifically interested in the product or service offered by your company.

DEM Campaign Planning

We give attention to the finest details of every aspect of email marketing campaigns, from the design and creation of graphics of the message to mail management.

Monitoring and analysis of results

We follow the trend of sending and analysing the behaviour of the recipients (Open rate, Click and Bounce rate) through management software

Our database is steadily growing and thanks to our business partners, we are able to provide important daily delivery volumes and fast turnaround times in campaign planning processes.


Millions of mails
sent per month


Millions of openings
per month


Millions of clicks
per month

Our database

Promote your business with the best web marketing tools

Nowadays the success of a brand depends largely on its reputation in the online world.
To increase this reputation, it is necessary to define a marketing plan customised to suit your needs and business model.
Initcore is a reference point for companies wishing to enhance their business, guiding them in the process of enhancing their brand and increasing their visibility.
Our technical expertise and our ten-year experience in online marketing enable us to adopt the best solutions for achieving a successful strategy.

Professionals in programming and application development

Initcore can count on a team of programmers with years of certified experience in IT sector.
We have the ability to design complex software, based on customer requirements while also respecting optimisation standards.
Thanks to our expertise and in-depth knowledge of different programming languages, we are able to design and implement different application solutions: Web Appliance, Mobile Device Software, Desktop Applications, Client/Server Appliances and Websites.


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